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I’m a Quitter - You Should Be Too

I quit a good job and here’s what happened…

Story time! Today I want to share the story of the time I wanted to quit…and did.

(^Spoiler: it’s a decision I ultimately do not regret)

A few years back during my college days (*cries in late 20s*), I landed an internship at a publishing company in Gainesville, Florida. It was an unpaid position with a chance to make money if my articles and photos were published in the magazine. I was excited! It combined my love of storytelling and photography, and seeing my byline was genuinely thrilling.

first published piece in college

Me in college with one of my first published pieces

After the internship ended, I was offered the opportunity to stay on and keep writing. The money was decent and I enjoyed seeing my work published, so I stayed.

But as months passed, the initial excitement tapered off…writing and taking photos started to feel like a chore. I dreaded the assignments and everything about the job began to stress. me. out. 

For the first time in my life, I found myself considering quitting something by choice, rather than it naturally ending, usually because of school .

I was raised to always follow through with my decisions (‘quitters never prosper’, you know the drill…), so I felt guilty about leaving and worried about missing out on something big for my career.

But finally I decided to quit. 

And guess what? The sky didn’t fall. 

Shocking, I know.

Turns out, the editor was understanding, and all my fears about letting people down or closing doors on future opportunities turned out to be just that—fears.

Quitting freed up mental space and energy in my life, lifting a massive weight off my shoulders and allowing me to explore new opportunities that were more aligned with what I genuinely wanted to pursue. 

This experience taught me valuable lessons:

  • It’s okay to quit things in order to make room for better.

  • Understanding what you don’t want is as crucial as knowing what you do want; this clarity has significantly influenced my career decisions.

So, if you're contemplating whether to let go of something—a small part of your business, a project that no longer excites you, or even a career path that isn't right for you—remember that it’s okay to follow your heart. It might sound scary or risky, but more often than not, your gut knows best. 

In fact, it might just open the door to something much greater.

Cheers to clarity and quitting well.

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