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The #1 Thing I Wish I’d Known at the Start of my Business

Owning a business is hard and scary but SO worth it…

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If you’d had a crystal ball, what would you have done differently at the start of your business? 🔮

My answer?

I truly wish I had known that delegation and outsourcing would help me grow.

Like most new business owners, I was bootstrapping it in the early days of my business; working nights and weekends, DIYing everything, Googling until my brain hurt…🥴

This led to a scarcity mindset. I was always wondering, “How can I do this as cheaply as possible myself?” or “How can I justify investing in something when I don’t have piles of cash sitting around?”

It took me a LOT longer to get where I wanted to be in business because I was limited to what I could physically do in a day. 

I only began outsourcing when I did the mindset work required to realize:

  1. I could do better with the right people in place to help support me

  2. I finally found value in the ROI. Why would I DIY when I can pay a professional in that field that will get me the results I want?

As soon as this shift happened, I was able to go full time with Ripcord and have the confidence to negotiate my full time job (at the time) to a contract position. It also helped me when I became a mom and couldn’t work 60 hours a week anymore—I needed to only work 25 to 30 hours a week but keep my business on the right trajectory, i.e. keep growing and adding clients without burning out on both ends. 

In the last few years, I’ve been able to hire Lauren, an awesome team member who keeps us going on the social media side, and Micah, a copywriter who turns my messy thoughts into THIS exact email you’re reading! 

So if you find yourself in a similar place of burnout or overwhelm, as yourself: What are the things in my business that only I can do?

Delegate the rest. 👊

If you’re struggling to take this big (scary!) step in your businesslet's connect and I can be the resource that you are in need of!

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