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The Clickbait ‘Quick Fix’ Epidemic

 If the clickbait seems too good to be true, it probably is…

It feels really hard to get clicks on your content nowadays, right?

Cue: ‘Clickbait’, catchy, engaging titles designed to get clicks.

“Ummm what’s wrong with that, Bianca?!”

My problem is that these clickbait-y titles are so often misleading. 

A lot of what I’ve seen lately in the marketing space via clickbait is about some hack: some quick, easy fix to your business ‘problem.’ Social media marketing, for example, is often watered down and portrayed to be this little thing you can do in five minutes if only you have the “right resources” (which they are conveniently selling 🙃).

In reality, things like social media marketing are not supposed to be easy. They take a lot of planning, thought, and action to be effective—and that’s not a bad thing!

We all want quick fixes, and sure efficiency and optimization are good, but these quick fix promises can quickly lead to creating low-quality content.

I thought I’d put one of these clickbait promises to the test.

I followed an extremely popular YouTube tutorial step-by-step. It was titled:

200 Social Media Posts In 10 Minutes Using ChatGPT & Canva

Basically in 10 minutes you:

Ask ChatGPT to generate 50 content ideas of your choice ➡️ Bulk upload this as a CSV spreadsheet into Canva ➡️ Create a copy-pasted template style of post and click ‘import’ to insert the words.

Here’s one of the posts it created for me without any tweaking:

200 Social Media Posts In 10 Minutes Using ChatGPT & Canva. 

Yeah, not the best.

This exercise leaves you with 100 poorly-worded, terrible looking posts. Lol. If I were to pour the time and energy into editing each of these 100 posts to be unique and, well, legible, it would take me probably 25 hours.

Not quite as catchy, eh?

The point I’m trying to make is this: don’t automatically trust a marketing ‘guru’ who is just really good at… you, their target audience!

There’s a way to create catchy engaging content that does not mislead someone. When you stay true to your values and create with integrity, the right people WILL find you. Promise. 💕


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