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The Power of Words to Attract the Right Audience

Don’t sleep on your brand’s voice!

Ever wondered why some brands feel like they’re chatting with you over coffee while others seem to be lecturing at you from a podium? 

That’s a brand’s voice in action.

We in the creative space LOVE to talk about the visual stuff (logos! Typefaces! Oh my!), but sleeping on the power of your brand’s voice is a huge mistake.

Your word choice gives your brand a personality. It’s not just about what you say; it’s how you say it that pulls in a certain audience.

Here’s an example of a TikTok video using Ring camera footage to document the final days of a family expecting a child: Watch here!

And here are the comments from various big-name brands:

brand voice

Each of these brands has a distinct writing style, and the words they choose reflect their values, mission, and target audience. Nothing is done by mistake. These brands got to where they are today by carefully defining and refining their brand voice. 

SO! Here are a few steps you can take to start zoning in on yours:

➡️ Who are you talking to? 

Your target audience will determine the types of tone you can and should use; you’re not going to be super sarcastic if you’re a dog adoption agency or a government health organization, for instance!

➡️ What descriptors feel right and WHY?

Write out what adjectives you’d like your brand to be associated with and your reasoning behind each, i.e. what is the purpose behind wanting a ‘witty’ brand voice and how will it help your brand connect with your target audience?

Once you’ve settled on the brand voice you’re aiming for, you can use that to determine the types of marketing efforts you should pursue. Recently, my client chose not to send multiple SMS texts per day like their competitor because they don’t want to convey a sense of urgency or pushiness that wasn’t in alignment with their voice.

How do you feel about this concept? Excited? Overwhelmed? — no wrong answers here! 🙌

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