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Wanna Make High-Quality Content On A Budget?

Just another reason to not over complicate making content.

I’ve been creating content for my own business and my clients’ businesses for years, and I’ve internalized a few resounding truths along the way. Top among them?

>> You CAN create engaging, high-quality photo and video content that represents your brand well without breaking the bank. <<

You just need the right elements and tools to help you get there!

Let’s breakdown the elements of a solid ‘studio’ setup:

content shoot gear

1. Cameras and Tripods: You can start with a DSLR and/or video camera, or even a quality iPhone camera. Pair it with a sturdy tripod for stability and flexibility in capturing different angles.

2. Audio Equipment: Invest in a mic for crisp, clear audio. For your iPhone, there are great quality bluetooth mics. For your video camera or DSLR, an on-camera microphone can improve sound quality as well. The one I linked below can be compatible with either iPhone or camera (you just have to buy certain cord adapters).

3. Lighting: Good lighting can make or break your content. Opt for light stands with adjustable brightness and color temperature for a professional look. Diffusers are handy accessories to soften harsh light and create a flattering glow. 

4. Backdrop: For a clean, higher-end look, a portable backdrop is your best friend. 

5. Additional Accessories: Gimbal’s are awesome for stabilization using iPhones; although not necessary, totally recommended snagging one!

Once you understand the fundamentals of a good shoot setup, you can start shopping!

mini-studio setup

Here are my tried-and-true

mini-studio equipment recs:

Go ahead, copy and paste this list for your Amazon binge later! ^

With these budget-friendly essentials, you can set up your own mini studio for around $300-$500 (excluding camera costs)! And if you choose to start small, go for a good camera, light, and mic. 

Can you say frugal and fierce?!

Sorry, I had to…😆

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