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3 Freebies You Need to Elevate Your Business

Does your website feel outdated? Do you not know if your brand aligns with your current business and goals? Need a way to organize your social media content? Whether you're a startup or an established business, we've designed 3 amazing free resources for your social media, branding and website.

Content Calendar

digital and printable content calendar

First up, the digital and printable content calendar that will make organizing and batching content so much easier! I personally use this content calendar to organize the posting schedules all of my social media clients - with 5 years of experience managing socials, this calendar is KEY to organization.I’ve tried ALL the ways and this one works for me the best! (Included is tips for utilizing it as a digital calendar, as well as a printable version and the Canva template if you’d like to customize it) 🎨

Social Media Tips & Resources

Along with the content calendar, I’m adding in my 2024 social media guide with plenty of tips and resources to up your social media game.

brand scorecard preview image for download

Brand Scorecard

You’re gonna want this brand scorecard if…

📈You want clarity if your brand aligns with your current business and goals

💡It’s time to discover if your brand is missing any key elements or if there is any room for improvement

🏁You’re ready to fine tune your brand to create a stand-out, timeless identity!

website scorecard preview for download

Website Scorecard

The website scorecard is perfect if you want to...

⬆️⬇️ Find out the strengths and weaknesses of your site, from copy to design and layout, to site features

🚀 You’re ready to take your website to it’s fullest potential 

With these freebies, you can understand how to improve your website, develop a strong branding strategy, and make social media a little less overwhelming.

And, if you're looking for professional help, connect with Bianca and Ripcord Design and we'll chat!


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