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Why Mobile Design Reigns Supreme

Check out these practical tips to optimize your mobile site!

Let's face it, our phones are practically extensions of ourselves. 🤷‍♀️

^It's crucial for websites to play nice with all screen sizes, because many users prefer their phone to their computer.

Responsive mobile design keeps users AND Google happy—two key components of a successful website. Let’s break it down…

Here are four tips you can implement today to improve your mobile site design:

1. Keep it simple: Speed and efficiency are key. Keep your design clean and clutter-free by cutting down on unnecessary elements. Streamline your navigation menu, prioritize essential content, and use concise headlines to grab attention.

2. Optimize for speed: Ain't nobody got time for slow-loading sites! Studies show even a second or two delay in loading time causes the bounce rate to soar. Compressing images is one of the easiest ways to keep your site running fast. Most site builders will warn you if your loading time is slow so you can address the issue.

3. Make buttons big enough: Make sure your buttons and links are big enough to tap without accidentally hitting the wrong thing!

4. Prioritize Hierarchy: On smaller screens, content hierarchy is crucial for guiding users through your site. Use clear headings, subheadings, bullet points, and bolding to break up content and make it easy to scan and scroll.

Take this site I designed for a client on Wix, for example:

example of a mobile site

The buttons are easy to see and a content hierarchy is implemented with headlines, buttons, and paragraphs. Always allow the logo to be clickable (recommended to take users back to home) and include a sticky and easy-to-see navigation button.

example of a mobile site

Include social media links, business hours, and direct links to contact you (email, phone number, etc.). Make it EASY for people to learn more about you and get in touch!

TLDR; the key to killer mobile design is putting yourself in the POV of your users: keep it simple, speedy, and user-friendly. 

And if you’re breaking out into a sweat just thinking about doing all this yourself, I’ve got you covered! Inquire about my web design services here and let’s get you optimized in no time. 💕


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