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What Even IS User Generated Content?!

Does this matter for your brand? Let's talk through this. UGC

I know you’re busy doing this thing we call running a business, so let’s get right to it: What is UGC and why does it matter?

User-Generated Content is essentially any content—be it reviews, photos, or videos—created by your customers or clients. UGC has tremendous value because it's not a glossy sales pitch; it's a real person sharing their authentic experience with your product or service. 

This authenticity is often more compelling than traditional advertising approaches because it’s not just selling—it’s storytelling. 

Let's apply these concepts to a real-world example: A Facebook group I built for one of my clients!

user generated content

I created a public Facebook community page for my dental implant client where their patients could join the group, share their story, get advice or ask questions, and generally support one another. Not only has it grown to over 270 members in less than 6 months, we have had several people move forward with dental procedures due to participating on the page and talking with current and former about an amazing ROI! Facebook is a free tool that led to more paying clients. 💸

I monitor this group to respond to questions or concerns and help foster genuine conversations. Since it is a public group and the members consent to sharing content, I’m able to repurpose it for their other marketing channels too! Win-win, much?

TLDR; People can smell fake from a mile away. Authentic connection and storytelling from satisfied customers will always be the best performing content, so start creating a community today!


And if you love the idea of UGC but don't have time to manage it, that's where a social media manager comes in (*cough* that’s me cough)!


I’d love to support you on your UGC journey any way I can, let's connect!


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