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What Motherhood Has Taught Me About Business

A crash course in letting go.

There are moments in life where everything shifts in BIG ways—you get an opportunity you can’t say no to, you finally let go of that limiting belief, you realize what you’re actually passionate about. 🤯 

For me, a seismic shift occurred in my personal life AND my business when I became a mom in 2023.

Specifically, here are three ways becoming a mom shaped the way I approach my business:

1. Decision Making

In those early newborn days, I worried almost every decision I made might not be the best one for him; How many ounces should this bottle be? Why is he crying and what can I do to help him? The more decisions I made, the more confident I became in them. Making hundreds of decisions a day for my son strengthened that muscle, which has helped me make clearer, more concise decisions in my business too!

2. Patience + Presence

My goals are SLOW now, and that’s okay with me. My son was a clinger to the extreme. Laundry while my newborn sat in his bouncer? HA. Not gonna happen. At first, I found myself feeling guilty for not tackling house tasks while he napped, but with time, I learned to give myself grace and soak up every moment with him. In my business, this level of patience and presence translated to less subpar multi-tasking and more deep, focused creative work—both me and my clients are better off for it!

3. Delegation + Letting Go

Before becoming a mama, I had time to complete house tasks or projects throughout the day. Now all I want to do on a Wednesday evening is curl up with my kindle or relax in the hot tub! Letting go of my own expectations and delegating tasks is key, i.e. I hired an amazing house cleaner and Instacart does my grocery shopping. The same is true for my business: I have outsourced the tasks I can’t or don’t have time to do to other professionals, and both my mental health and revenue have benefited.

👉 So I’m curious, what is one mindset or lifestyle shift you've made that has helped your personal life or business grow?

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