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5 Thoughts From a Social Media Manager

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Trend, algorithms, robots, oh my! 

The list of social media ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ from all manner of people is enough to make your head spin. 🥴

I’ve been working as a professional social media manager for 5 years, and I spend my days STUDYING this stuff. Let me do the sorting for you, friend!

Here are 5 of my professional opinions around social media for 2024:

1. AI is both good and bad

2024 will see more AI in the marketing and social media world as people are becoming more comfortable using it and have more access to free apps and programs. AI can help generate lots of content ideas. However, it’s easy to spot a copy-pasted AI caption from a mile away. I can typically tell they have some cheesiness to them, can lack depth, or have an inauthentic voice. For example, this is what chat GPT said when I asked it to “Write a friendly Instagram caption about social media trends 2024”:

AI, chat gpt

If you are cringing right now as you read this—SAME. lol. From the emojis to the poor use of the word vibes, it’s giving a mom trying to fit in with her teenagers. What does a ‘futuristic filter’ even look like?! 

However, you can take the idea from it and rewrite it to sound like you. For example: 2024 social media trend forecast: Creativity and connection is in! It’s the year of making content easy-going and enjoyable again. Let’s chat about specifics! 

AI can be a great tool when used properly, but be sure to keep copyright and intellectual property infringement in mind when you use it. 

2. Creativity and connection is in this year!

Deinfluencing continues to rise. We’re getting tired of overconsumption and buying something because Chloe told us to just because she’s being paid $30k to post that reel!

Micro-influencers (1,000 - 100,000 followers) are breaking into the market in a bigger way. It’s a more affordable way for businesses to tap into their niche audiences. It’s still selling, but it feels a lot more like a friend recommending their favorite sourdough starter recipe than an ad. We’d rather see someone chatting to us like they are on FaceTime in their messy house than a facetuned GRWM, and I’m loving that change.

Lean into YOUR unique personality and post more relaxed, candid content. Try filming some B-roll and put some text with your thoughts on a topic over it. Done and done. 

3. What apps should I be on?!

My prediction is X will continue to decline in their user numbers, Threads will try to pick up the slack (although I tried that and am not into it, personally), Tiktok and Instagram are here to stay, Facebook is for Millennials and up...jury's out if Lapse will stick around and if businesses will ever find a strategy for it (if you do not know what Lapse is, don't even worry about it!).

Bottom line: You need to be on the platforms you have the creativity and means to be on. You can’t be everywhere, as each platform has different needs. It’s okay to try new things and see what works.

5. Verified Meta and Facebook accounts 

If you’re a biz who wants to nail down some instant trust, I say go for the paid blue checkmark. You have to go through an approval process and application, and not everyone has access to it as of now, but it could be valuable for the right business.

5. The 2024 election will impact us

By Q4 everyone is going to be burnt out! There will be political ads running everywhere, and even the most political of people will be secretly tired of it. Take extra screen breaks and lots of deep breaths. 

For example, one of my retainer clients runs tv ads. During this time, they pivot from running ads on news networks to channels like HGTV or the Food Network, because their audience lands there for a brain break. So keep this in mind when thinking of marketing strategies (especially paid advertising) in Q3 and 4!

 I'm here for the updates of the social and marketing world so you don’t have to do the digging. 💅

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