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4 Time Management Tools I Can’t Live Without

And you won't be able to either, because time IS money.

time management apps

Since becoming a mama, I’ve adjusted my schedule to fit 30 hours of work into three days a week so I can be present with my son the other two. I’ve had to seriously cut down on distractions and learn to get. it. done. 

So without further adieu, here are a few of my fav digital tools for organization, communication, and time management:

Todoist: This is my brain dump app where I set reminders, create recurring tasks, and enjoy checking off tasks as the day goes along. It keeps my day organized and I can trust I won't forget anything. If you just want one tool to start with, I'd highly recommend Todoist.

A Digital Planner: Similar to a paper planner, I use my iPad and Apple pencil and write out my monthly, weekly, and daily schedules and tasks (which I’ve brain dumped into Todoist). I try to keep space between tasks for those random client requests that pop up, and I never push myself to hit the ground running first thing in the morning if I don’t feel up for it. My brain functions best between 10am-2pm, and I lean into that energy when planning my day!

Clickup: Click-Up is probably the most complex program I use, but it significantly helps my business organization and communication. It’s a CRM that allows you to comment, tag team members, assign team members, give due dates, add photos or links, and more all within a task to stay on target. It’s one of the most affordable, functional CRMs on the market!

Loom: When it doesn't need to be a meeting, it doesn’t need to be a meeting, amen? I can record my screen and audio and share it with my clients for things like tutorials and website walkthroughs. Their AI features help break it into bite-sized chunks for easy learning, plus I can create ONE tutorial and send it to multiple clients.

I hope these time management strategies help you to find your work/life balance.

Find my services here, and let me help to lessen your load!


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